Relay Service Health Check#

As mentioned in limitations, if the relay service is not running, or otherwise not operational, emails will not be sent out. To help with this, django-email-relay provides a way to send a health check ping to a URL of your choosing after each loop of sending emails is complete. This can be used to integrate with a service like or UptimeRobot.

To get started, you will need to install the package with the hc extra. If you are using the included Docker image, this is done automatically. If you are using the management command directly from a Django project, you will need to adjust your installation command:

pip install django-email-relay[hc]

At a minimum, you will need to configure which URL to ping after a loop of sending emails is complete. This can be done by setting the RELAY_HEALTHCHECK_URL setting in your DJANGO_EMAIL_RELAY settings:


It should be set to the URL provided by your health check service. If available, you should set the schedule of the health check within the service to what you have configured for the relay service’s EMPTY_QUEUE_SLEEP setting, which is 30 seconds by default.

There are also a few other settings that can be configured, such as the HTTP method to use, the expected HTTP status code, and the timeout. See the configuration section for more information.